I want him to turn on Metatron. Not necessarily to help the boys but just because he can. 

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Seriously fake Ezekiel, I am so disappointed in you. Were you so busy trying to perfect Sam’s bitch face that you never paid attention to any of the Winchester tricks?

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Robb Stark is dead.

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V.F. Portrait | Neil Patrick Harris

Photograph by Annie Leibovitz. 

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 zoe saldana by matteo montanari

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spn meme: two quotes (2/2)

“It never occured to them that, sure, maybe they never really had a roof and four walls, but they were never, in fact, homeless.”

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Sweden | Tom Vaillant

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can you make like, a sam and dean hug thingy? a gif set?

I think there are quite a lot of those gifs around. But what harm could one more set of huggy Sam and Dean do right? I’ll add it to my “to do” list. May take a while or a day or two depending on how lazy I plan to be in the next few days though :D

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Season 9 Quotes

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Dean Winchester used to have fun showers. Now it’s all intense and shit.

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Best Winchester Brotherly Bonding Scenes 

Just few of the things Sam is willing to do for Dean.

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Hi there, may I ask which program you make your GIFs in? I've just started trying to learn and I'm having a real problem with file size/image quality. Yours are beautiful!

Thank you!. I use photoshop cs6 to make mine. Usually you can improve the look of a gif, if you use a quality video (720p). I guess for the file size issue you probably have to use less frames in the gif or freeze parts of the gif. You can come off anon and ask me specific questions if you want. I am nice to strangers :D

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